Cookbook & Boating Guide

Welcome to my webpage - Cookbook & Boating Guide for LA (Lower Alabama).

Cookbook & Boating Guide

for L A (Lower Alabama)

Cooking da gumbo!! Gumbo is my small Yorkie. I named him Gumbo because gumbo is my favorite LA recipe.  Click this photo to watch a short video of Gumbo the Wonder Dog.

Click the photo above to view a short video of Gumbo, the Wonder Dog.

Welcome to my Cookbook and Boating Guide for LA. LA refers to Lower Alabama. The cookbook contains all of my favorite recipes and the boating guide section provides information on the great places to go by boat in LA. Explore and enjoy!!

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Note: The recipes on the Table of Contents page are links to the recipes. On the recipe pages, there is a link in the upper right that will take you back to the Table of Contents page.

The Wokman welcomes you! Click my photo to download a copy of my Cookbook & Boating Guide for LA. Be sure to try the baked possum recipe.

My most favorite place on the water in LA is Big Daddy’s Grill. Great food, great service, great music, and cold beer. Click this photo to visit Big Daddy’s Grill

The best place on the water in LA is Big Daddy's Grill on the Fish River. Good food, good music, good friends,cold beer, and great service!! Click the photo to the left to visit Big Daddy's.

Click this graphic to access the NOAA website where you can get the current weather and the forecast for the coming days. This is the most comprehensive weather site on the web.

Before you go boating, check the weather. The graphic above is a link to the NOAA website where you can check the current and the forecast weather.

Boating in LA is fantastic. Check out the pages below to see the great places you can visit by boat (power boat or kayak). Click the photo to access the page. The pages contain photos, maps and some general information.

This is the entrance to the kayak launch on the Magnolia River. It is just passed Jessie’s in Magnolia Springs.  You will need to carry your kayak about 50 yards down to the river.

Entrance to the Kayak Launch on the Magnolia River

The Fish River is a great place to kayak. There are several places along the river where you can launch. If you want a real kayaking adventure, put in at Bohemian Park where Fairhope Ave. goes over the upper end of the Fish River and float down to Big Daddy’s.

Chilling on the Fish River!

Kayaking the delta offers many opportunities to interact with the local inhabitants. Be careful!!

Kayaking the Delta Can Be an Adventure.

There are several interesting light houses in LA. Click this link to learn more about them.

Area Lighthouses.

New Foley Kayak Launch.

Graham Creek is a great place to launch. There is a plastic ram that allows you to get into your kayak and slide off into the water. Graham Creek flows out into Wolf Bay.

Graham Creek Kayak Launch.

My favorite National Park – The Great Smoky Mountains.

Smoky Mt. Paradise!